How much does it cost?

Your session fee is $300. This covers the entire session including a consultation to see what you need and a wardrobe review where we’ll evaluate what looks best in front of the camera. Half the session fee is required to lock in your session time. No photos are included in this fee. ALL photos are $50 each, priced in addition to the session fee. This cost covers professional retouching for your selections. Unedited, unretouched photos are not available. Nor are full session buyouts. Additional photos are not available after the session. I do not archive any photos except the ones you purchase.

Do you offer packages with photos included?

I do not offer all-inclusive packages. Photos are sold individually because on average, each final photo takes around a half hour of retouching. As well, this offers you the option to select as many photos as you want.

What’s the process?

It’s important that you’re clear on my process so you know what to expect. After securing your session with a 50% deposit, you’ll receive an email from me outlining many things found below but also with some tips to help you look your best on the day of the session. If you’re available for a quick phone call, let’s chat about what you’re looking for. Otherwise, we can discuss some of these things prior to shooting.The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and feeling good about the session before we start.

When you arrive, we’ll chat for a bit, so I can learn about you and what you need. We’ll look at the wardrobe you brought for the session. I’ll give you my opinion of how your wardrobe may look on camera. But we’ll shoot everything you want. There’s no rush at all. The session ends only when it feels that we have all the shots we need. Immediately following the session, we’ll review the photos together. We’ll flag the ones you like and the ones you don’t will be deleted forever. From the photos to be considered, we’ll review together and you select the ones you’d like to purchase. Over the next week, I will retouch your selections. When they’re done, I’ll send you a link so you can download high resolution jpegs of your photos.

How long is a session?

I don’t put time limits on sessions. A no-pressure environment that allows you to feel comfortable will show in the photos. We work together till we get what you want, however expect a couple hours between walking into the session and leaving. The time and effort put in dictates the quality of the results. I’ve shot corporate sessions where I get 3 minutes with each client. The results are always good, but with more time, not only will we find a rhythm, we’ll get more photos to choose from. I find it takes a while for clients to hit a sweet spot where comfort and confidence meet.

What do you mean by retouching?

Each selected photo is professionally retouched using the same technical methods as fashion photography. However, the intention from your photo session is to capture stunning images of YOU. Not an egg-smooth, inauthentic version. Your photo will be naturally retouched. All impermanent blemishes are removed. If needed, skin tones are balanced, reducing blotchiness. Stray hairs, threads, fluff and boogers that may have been missed prior to photography are removed. Facial lines, from eyes to lips, are diminished. Teeth are slightly whitened. Everything down to blood vessels in the whites of eyes are considered.
Scars and moles, anything permanent, will be left as is, unless removal is specifically requested. Digital facial reshaping or face/body slimming or bulking is not included and will incur an additional fee. 

I hate having my photo taken. Do I really have to do this?

If you’re here, yes. You need a photo session. I promise you, this is going to be painless. You’re probably actually going to enjoy it. I know how to take great looking photos. And I know how to make you comfortable and relaxed during your session. It’s important to both of us and to your photos that you have a good time during the session. It’s how we make regular photos into great photos.

Do you shoot corporate sessions?

Yes, I love shooting entire teams! I can come onsite to your office and build a useable space to take photos of your staff. Email me for details and rates.

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