I am a photographer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who specializes in headshot/portrait and concert photography. 

I am a member of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew – the world's largest network of headshot and portrait photographers led by the best in his field.
Peter has shot tens of thousands of people throughout his storied career but his greatest strength is coaching and mentoring his team to produce arguably the best personal photography around.

Recently, I have been featured as Shutterturf's top portrait photographers in Toronto.


Without light, photography is a boring abstract minimal art – a black painting. 
The challenge of using a lighting director's vision to create an image of my own in the moment is what made me a photographer. However, being able to sculpt and modify light to create brilliant results in a studio setting is what I love most about photography.

For my portraits and headshots, I use direction and position to radiate poise. I know how to design facial expressions to convey warmth, confidence, allure or badassery. I can make you look like a fierce litigator. Or a thoughtful, caring listener. I will consult with you to learn what you need.
I will be a mirror that can diminish a double chin. Or enhance the curve of shoulders. 

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